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Plan your world trip today

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It can never be too early to start thinking about your trip. The excitement of counting down the days, packing your bag months before the trip. I am sure you will keep talking about your trip till your friends want to strangle you with envy. But this is pretty exciting stuff! Who can go on a world adventure and not feel the adrenaline pumping?

So with all this excitement, did you use the right steps to plan your world trip? There are a few things you will need to consider when you want to start to plan your world trip. It could be a scary thought and a little over whelming. So many choices but where to start. Let’s start by putting one foot in front of the other, we will get through this together.

Start by creating a bucket list

Bucket list

What is it that you will want to see? What draws you to that specific place? Will it be worthwhile to add it to your trip?

Make a list off all the places you would like to see. It doesn’t have to all fit in now, but create a bucket list of the places you want to go to and what you will do there. The event will be crucial to your planning as certain activities only happen in certain seasons. For example:

  1. See the rodeo in TexasLumo party Sodwana Bay
  2. Go to the Rio carnival
  3. Join the beer festival in Germany
  4. See the northern lights
  5. Hiking in Canada

The options are endless and you can tailor it to your own needs and wishes.

Would you want to go for site-seeing or would you want to experience different cultures? What parts of the country would best fit your expectations? Ask all these questions to yourself before deciding on a spot to get the most out of your trip.

Location, location and location.


I am a very visual person. So the best thing to help me plan my trip is a vision board. If you are like me then this next part will start the traveling adrenaline within you, start feeling the excitement when you will be seeing your trip in your mind’s eye.

So you have made your bucket list? Okay, so the next step is to get hold of a world map (a big detailed one will be my first preference). Now mark all the places on your bucket list on to the map, see where I am going with this?

This can help you see how close the activities are together and help route out your trip. Use google maps to help if needed. I would even go a little further and take a yarn to connect the dots of the routes that I will be taking.

Keep in mind of what season you will be traveling in to make sure you are at the right spots at the right time. You will also know how to pack for your trip then.

Plan your world trip timeline.

The timeline will differ from person to person. If you have only small windows in your life to fit in your travels, that is okay. Concur the world one trip at a time. This may take a hole lot longer and might turn out a little more pricey as you will have to return to base and start all over again on the next trip.

If You will have some time to take off, great. You can hop from one destination to the next. Try to keep with your bucket list at first, the rest will follow. The more places you are going to see, the more people you will get to meet and the more recommendation you will be able to get for places to go and ways to travel.


This will be the most important thing of the hole trip. You need to know how much you will need to save up for food and accommodation. If you are going to have a quite tight budget, try looking at “Best Buys” in the area or coupons. You can wine and dine at little to no cost if you just do your research before heading over.

Keep your eyes open for daily deals and specials. A lot of airline companies have combos for flights, car hire and accommodation. It works out a little cheaper but also try to get your hands on pop up deals.

Dine where the locals go. They would go to places they know are best for their money spent and where the good places are.

Find out what currency will be used and compare it to your own currency to bring in perspective. It is easier to compare a product if you know how to convert it into your own currency. Download a currency converter on your phone so you can have the knowledge at a touch of a button.

Have fun!

The most important rule is to have fun! This is the time to make memories, turn any situation into an adventure. Make friends where ever you go and leave a foot print of yourself behind. Dance under the stars, swim with dolphins and be the free person that you want to be. Enjoy and safe travels!







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